Organza, satin, taffeta, lace, hessian, single sash, double sash, side sash, hooded sash........we have them all!!
We use high quality Lycra chair covers which stretch over most chairs in order to fit perfectly. We no longer offer cotton chair covers as we have found that our customers have preferred the neat and clean look that our chair covers produce. Cotton chair covers can look baggy and creased which is a problem you will not get with our covers.

We have a range of organza, taffeta and satin sashes which can be doubled up to produce a unique look. We also have hood sashes and damask sashes imported from America. If we do not have your colour in stock, we will be able to source it for you!

We only use high quality sashes which are made from Sparkle Organza here in the UK. We do not use the cheaper imported sashes which are stiff and dull. Many couples have booked us just upon seeing the quality of our sashes alone!! You can see from our pictures that they sparkle and appear soft with a vibrant colour. They also have an angel end as opposed to a straight square end. You can compare these sashes with pictures of others to see the quality.

We can also offer a range of chair sash accessories from flowers, feathers and buckles.

Chair Cover with Sparkle Organza Sash from 2.40. See our Packages Tab!
Chair Cover with Satin / Taffeta / Hessian / Single Lace Sash 3.25
Extra Sash 75p.

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