All customers must agree to our terms and conditions before booking.
Terms and Conditions.

When reading these terms and conditions, the following phrases will refer to the the below:

‘The Owner’ is Exquisite Rooms and Balloons
‘The Hirer’ is the lead name stated on the booking form.
‘The Hired Goods’ are all items listed on the booking form.
‘The Hire Period’ is the period of time between the hired goods being delivered to and collected from the venue.

The venue dressing service is during one visit to the venue. The hirer will be liable to pay a charge if the owner needs to return to the venue or wait at the venue for any reason. This may be to turn a room around after a ceremony or re-use chair covers that were used for a ceremony and are then needed for a reception room elsewhere. This needs to be arranged at the time of booking so other bookings are not taken which will prevent us from returning to your venue.

‘Damaged Goods’ are items which have been returned in a state whereby after laundering they cannot be re-hired due to rips or staining.

We understand that chair covers are used during events so appreciate that there may be small marks. The most common marks are boot polish, red wine and food staining which has nearly always come out during laundering. The one mark that we have been unable to remove is pen marks / ink. Most other stains have been successfully removed. Damage to chair covers is common if your venue need to stack the chairs in order to move them to a different part of your venue. The chair legs cause damaged by dragging down the sides of the cover causing them to rip. Please bear this in mind if your venue need to move chairs in this manner.

Exquisite Rooms and Balloons use carefully selected companies whom they work with closely to provide their dance floors, photo booths and chocolate fountains.

1. At all times the Hired Goods will remain the property of The Owner.
2. The Hirer shall be solely and fully responsible for the Hired Goods for the Hire Period.
3. The Owner shall not be responsible for injury or damage to persons or property however sustained arising from any Hired Goods.
4. A 25% deposit is required to secure the booking, this deposit is non-refundable.
5. The remaining balance of the payment must be paid 4 weeks prior to the hire period.
6. In addition to this a £100 returnable bond must be paid to Exquisite Rooms and Balloons 1 week prior to the hire period, this is to insure against damaged goods and missing items. Exquisite Rooms and Balloons will refund the returnable bond to The Hirer by bank transfer within 7 days of receiving your bank details for refund. All bonds must be paid by bank transfer into the account named Exquisite Rooms and Balloons. If bonds are paid via other means (for example, Paypal) the hirer is liable for any charges incurred. Please send your account number and sort code to Exquisite Rooms and Balloons in order to have your bond returned. This is the hirer's responsibility.
7. Additional Chairs dressed on the day will be charged at £2.85 per chair.
8.Damaged goods or missing items will be charged at the following rates: Chair Covers £5.00; Sashes £1.00; post box keys £25.00, all other items will be charged at 2 times the hire cost. Exquisite Rooms and Balloons will deduct the relevant amount from the returnable bond.
9. If the charges exceed the £100.00 returnable bond, The Hirer is liable for these additional charges and they must be settled within 28 days of the event.
10. Cancellation – If The Hirer wishes to cancel any items on the booking or the full booking, they must do so in writing. If this is within 2 months of the hire period full payment will be required. Cancellations with more than 2 months’ notice will not require any additional payment.
11. Refunds are not available on personalised items or any of our sale items.
12. If the hirer has paid their balance in full, no refunds will be given on cancellations or part cancellations within the last 8 weeks before the wedding or event.
13. Exquisite Rooms and Balloons offers a price match policy as they are so confident that you will not find venue dressing at the same quality and service for cheaper. The terms are that the price match must be a like for like quote using the same products (spandex covers with high quality sparkle organza sashes). The Hirer must email across their written quotation in PDF format, that they would like the owner to price match. Any mileage costs incurred are not included in the price match policy.
14. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to organise the use of their venue's ladders if they have booked an exploding balloon otherwise, this product will not be able to be booked. Some venues will not allow exploding balloons due to the use of indoor confetti or due to them being hung on the ceiling. It is the Hirer's responsibility to organise this with their venue.
15. Any samples sent out including invitations, flowers or favours will be chargeable but this will be refunded against the total of the booking.
16. Exquisite Rooms and Balloons will send a written quote upon request. This quote is valid for a period of 28 days, thereafer a new quote may need to be sent. In order to secure your date, the 25% deposit will need to be paid.